What’s that, Tumblr? I should incorporate hills more often?


Thanks for all the support last night. I had a bit of a cranky moment, but today was much better.

I don’t run in Central Park ever specifically because I hate hills. I hate them. I had an ‘a ha’ moment tonight, though! I realized that the minute I see a hill, no matter how far away it is, I immediately slow to a crawl. It’s automatic! I noticed it a mile in, and tried to change it…it didn’t really work until the last mile. Blah. Either way, I’ll be doing this once a week!

I encountered Cat Hill today. Cat Hill can kick rocks. Also? I ran on a Saturday night. I RAN ON A SATURDAY NIGHT.

::takes bow::

Now, off to shower, then beer. Mama has a long run tomorrow, so only two! (that’s what you get for squeezing all your runs in at the last minute, Janelle.)

Happy weekend!

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  1. high-heel-mileage said: Nice work, weekend warrior!