Which of the following is your favourite nickname? 1) Janal 2) Janny 3) The Last Mimsy 4) MimCity 2000 5) MimCity 3000 6) Mimsical 7) Phantom Mim Syndrome 8) Pseudomim 9) Mimstone 10) J-Mo 11) Janelle's Kitchen 12) Janelle in a Handcart 13) The Fires of Janelle 14) The Bowels of Janelle 15) Old Nell

You are RIDICULOUS. But fine. Let’s go down the list, huh?

  1. Janal: NEVER IN LIFE.
  2. Janny: It’s not my favorite, but it’s definitely not the worst. Please see above for the worst.
  3. This is not a nickname, it is a movie and, by your review, a horrible one at that, so stop insulting me!
  4. & 5. I’ll support these only because of your artwork:


6. A couple of my friends call me this already, so it’s a top contender. However, they call me this because I forever burst into song and you HATE that, hence this. So, no, you can’t use it!

7. What? Are you high?

8-9. No.

10. Ha. Where does the Mo come from? Can I call you C-Mo? Like Wanna C-Mo Gower? No? Okay, then.

I’m not even answering the rest of these, haha. I expect more from you!

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  1. mr-smit said: This is wonderful.
  2. lizlivinglife said: Bahaha. I need to come to NYC and hang out with you both.
  3. amy---ela said: "wanna c-mo gower" #dead
  4. nourriture-et-fleurs said: i read #1 as J-ANAL. ;)
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