Running before 7am brings quiet streets, unattractive photos and a sense of accomplishment. Goal is to make this a habit. 21 days, right? Ok.

I slept almost the entire weekend which would be great if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve started having nightmares. So a lot of of it was tossing, turning and waking up abruptly only to go back to sleep. Rough.

I need to find my balance. This run, as painful as it was, worked to help me do that.

Here’s to starting Monday on an awesome foot.

Happy Monday, folks!

(2.1 miles, 25:38, 12:23 pace)

  08:39 am, by uhoh-janellio 67
  1. getalongwithitall said: I’ve been out of it and completely forgot that today’s my restart day. Are you just starting out and doing it daily?
  2. livelaughyoga said: Running always balances me. It’s like meditating.