Well, I went.

Something weird happened.

I always assume, when it comes to dating, that something is wrong with me. That I’m hideous, not very smart…just unlikeable. It’s only when the word date is mentioned or implied. When that word is mentioned, I feel inadequate and assume I’ll be rejected. I never considered that I wouldn’t like the other party.

But I didn’t. I didn’t. It was a bad, bad date. That’s fine.

I also learned that I’m a catch! That’s fine, too. :)

On to the next one.

09:22 pm, by uhoh-janellio 82
  1. stuckinrunningmode said: Proud of you for going!
  2. chrystimoreorless said: You ARE a catch!
  3. becky-balances said: You are a catch :)
  4. deanaisfindinghergroove said: You are a catch.
  5. kadidoesthis said: hell yes you’re a catch!!!!! Sorry he was a dud…
  6. beachyrunner said: You are such a catch!!
  7. getittogetherg said: You ARE a catch!!
  8. tinkerbellrun said: Yes, you are a catch!
  9. runningfortheriesling said: It took me a lonnngggg time to realize that I had the right to like someone too. It wasn’t totally dependent on them liking me!