Giving In To My ‘Old Lady’ Tendencies (Rest Day. DOMS. My God.)

I’m glad I decided to start slow because, good googlymoogly, I’ve had trouble moving all day! Add to that the fact that I’m tired from being low on iron and high off sleeping pills (insomia can suck it) & you have Janelle 60-something years later.

…I say 60 something years because I plan on being ‘Lena Horne’ fabulous in my 80s. She looked amazing. Just sayin’.

It was interesting taking a seat in front of my interviewers this morning, though. I tried to sit down quickly and it wasn’t happening. So I sat down slowly & painfully, with a grimace or two thrown in for good measure. It couldn’t have bothered them too much, though, because they called to make me an offer this afternoon.

Anyways, so today is a rest day and don’t eat everything day. Tomorrow is a cardio + strength day. It works.

Basically, this is a post saying hello. So hello.

Happy Monday!

(P.S. - Can someone please tell me how to adjust pictures now that Tumblr has changed to this new fancy posting format?! I’m always giving big face and I can’t fix it!)

06:43 pm, by uhoh-janellio 45
  1. run-doozer-run said: Happy Monday, lady!
  2. mar-kicksass said: You gonna take it? :)
  3. aheartofiron said: OMG, OMG, OMG - do you think you’ll take it? (Can’t read the tags, too lazy to click through…) Yay for you, anyway!!
  4. dodorunrun said: An offer? So you got a job?
  5. missmarisol said: Is this the job you wanted?!?!? CONGRATS, right?
  6. fromthebackofthepack said: Offer?????!!!!!
  7. dembangs said: I have the olds… Couldn’t fall asleep bc my hip hurt last night. :o/
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