"No, N***er, You Can’t Use Our Restroom."

That’s what the woman said to my brother.

If it was up to me, I would have burned the establishment down.

He’s a bit classier than I am.

12:43 pm, by uhoh-janellio 66
  1. sonjaruns said: Woah!!!!!!
  2. runningwithguts said: What the ACTUAL fuck?!
  3. aheartofiron said: What. The. Everloving. Fuck????!!!! I am so sorry you guys were subjected to that. Mind: boggled.
  4. rookcanrun said: You’ve got to out them. This is unacceptable anywhere anyplace anytime.
  5. tinkerbellrun said: WTF?!?!?! Would you please share the name of the place with us. I think she needs/deserves to be let known that what she did is not acceptable in 2012. Hugs to both of you for having to go through this.
  6. greatescapes22 said: I don’t know what to say, except that is terrible and I hope their business goes bankrupt. Is anyone planning to picket or ask for that woman to be fired?
  7. ilivebright said: That is absolutely ridiculous! What the hell was she thinking. Props to your brother for handling it well, that would be hard to do.
  8. regainingmymoxy said: What in the fuck? A place in backcountry VA once refused to take $2 bills from my brother because they ain’t no $2 bill. Not the same, but WHAT IN THE HELL VRIGINIA?!
  9. missmarisol said: Report this BS. It is not acceptable.
  10. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: no. effing. way. that is unbelievable.
  11. runswithpoodle said: OMFG, I probably would have dropped trou and peed right there. What is wrong with people?!
  12. dietmortik0 said: WTF.
  13. mikewakesup said: What century are we in ? Good. Lord!
  14. therekaregoes said: What the f*ck, J?! That is NOT okay. It’s 2012 for f*ck’s sake. Give me a name, girl. I know some people in the HR area who would have a field day w this establishment. Classiness be damned. Grrrrr.
  15. springermom said: Total idiot! I would so report this!!!
  16. sayhellotocindy said: I also agree w/ @trivialbob….
  17. ceebeedoeslife said: W.T.F. Just no.
  18. seeamandarun said: Oh my god. That is completely insane.
  19. wunderkindchen said: That really happens in real life? In 2012? People are worse than you’d expect.
  20. robownslife said: Girrrrrrl, my blood just boiled. I can’t stand the ignorance and hate. I really can’t. Someone shit beat the bitch up.
  21. carolynruns said: What the fucking fuck?! Oh my god. I can’t imagine. I’m so sorry you had to experience that foul excuse for a human being.
  22. tallmormon said: This makes me just sad. Why do we look at a person for anything other than who there character is.
  23. keepingupwithmcjones said: Are you fucking kidding me??
  24. mrsfitwatcher said: SERIOUSLY?!
  25. runslikeapenguin said: WTF
  26. lizlivinglife said: OH MY GOD. I would have gone to jail if I saw/heard that.
  27. trivialbob said: Don’t let that place go unnamed.
  28. shortmom said: Please tell me he dropped trou and shit on her floor right then.
  29. saltwaterand-sass said: That’s disgusting :(
  30. veggielife said: WHAT THE FUCK. SERIOUSLY. Whenever I try to have faith in the human race, I see shit like this. Ugh.
  31. bikesbrainsbetterliving said: Jesus fucking christ. I’m so sorry. That is awful.
  32. misslawson said: I’m not that classy. I would have torched the place down if I had heard someone saying that to another customer. Seriously!
  33. ignitestrengths said: That’s awful.
  34. stuckinrunningmode said: People get arrested for that kind of behaviour in the UK!
  35. countdowntooz said: Also I’m with Kadi!!
  36. shan-thinks-she-can said: WTF?!!!! I’m with you!! But good for your brother being the bigger person and not letting an ignorant comment from a piece of crap person ruin his day.
  37. mar-kicksass said: You must reveal the name of this place.
  38. j--b00 said: Un.Real. You shouldn’t have to be classy in this situation.
  39. simplyashbea said: What the actual fuck?!
  40. krissyboarden said: Does that mean you’re not too classy to release the name of the establishment? Some bad press is in order.
  41. runningfortheriesling said: Please tell me this is a joke? A really really bad joke.