Gun Show Thursday!

I never do this, and for good reason: there’s never anything to see! Today, though, I saw the TEENIEST bit of definition, so I’m forcing it on you as well!

…that’s all.

  03:28 pm, by uhoh-janellio 63
  1. tallmormon said: bitch be bad! bitch meaning awesome girl I want to marry obvi
  2. shan-thinks-she-can said: Teeniest?! Come on there’s definitely more than teeny to show off there!
  3. therekaregoes said: I see the definition!!!!! Way to go, girl!
  4. macindy said: Oh yeaa, always gotta be on the bicep lookout!
  5. mrsfitwatcher said: DEM GUNS!!!!!!!
  6. karikeepsrunning said: I see it! I see it!
  7. betternikki said: More than the teeniest! You have pretty good definition close to the bend of your arm.