Who Wants to Go to Savannah??

All I want to do is stay at the brand new Andaz Savannah:



I love Andaz properties. The Andaz Wall Street is, currently, one of my favorite hotels (although, not for location.) From the sleek, modern décor and the complimentary mini bar (excluding the alcoholic beverages), to the impeccable customer service, Hyatt’s boutique brand always makes for a great stay. Always.

So I’m super excited that there is one in Savannah. I adore Savannah, loving the cobblestone streets, the weeping willows and walking along the river. The opening of this hotel gives me a perfectly justifiable reason to visit, right? Right?

What if I told you that they offer free candied bacon?

I thought so!

pictures courtesy of Hyatt.com & Hotel Chatter

04:00 pm, by uhoh-janellio 26
  1. tallmormon said: not far from Atlanta… just saying.
  2. nadiazcota said: Me, me, pick me!!! ;)
  3. therekaregoes said: I’ll meet you there if you between 6/13 and 6/14. :)
  4. discoveringtrueself said: I’m coming :)
  5. justabunchofmemories86 said: Savannah is lovely.
  6. thoroughly-milly said: I’m going to Atlanta in May. I’m planning on going to Savannah too
  7. becky-balances said: yes plz.
  8. pharmkitten said: meeeeee!!!!! I’ve never been, but it’s on my short list (ok,it’s a long list) of places to visit.
  9. mandabears said: I WANT TO GO TO SAVANNAH! I’ve never been & it’s somewhere I NEED to go.
  10. operation225 said: Take me with you!
  11. bikinisummer said: Sold!
  12. seeamandarun said: Savannah is great!
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