My type.

It starts out: “You’re not like other women I’ve normally attracted to…”, he says.

Then it’s clarified: “I mean, you’re not my usual type”, he says and then, rather than be smart and SHUT UP, he gives specifics and he’s right. You’re not. The women he references (celebrities that, in hindsight, are not his type either. THEY ARE CELEBRITIES) are the complete opposite of you, physically they seem to be perfect..and the way he references them implies that you might not measure up.


So then it becomes a ‘choose-your-own adventure’ scenario: Do you:

  • smile and nod? Just smile and nod? “Oh, I get it.”
  • ask “Exactly why are you telling me this?”
  • give in to the flash feeling of “I wish I was thinner, taller, prettier, some sort of better” and then go out of your way to prove that you do “measure up”?
  • let him finish, then politely state “You’re right, I’m not like those women. I’m not quite sure why we’re even having this conversation, and I could go on a rant about what makes me great or unique or special, but I don’t have the time. I don’t have the time to waste on someone who, from this conversation, has just revealed that he isn’t my type, either.”
05:24 am, by uhoh-janellio 59
  1. greatescapes22 said: I guess men think this is supposed to make us feel lucky. Like, “Oh wow, you chose to take ME to a bar instead of a billionaire supermodel? How big of you! I better sleep with you, huh?” What an idiot.
  2. mar-kicksass said: The 4th one. OMG what a dick!
  3. operation225 said: His game is not strong. Stop meeting guys at Walmart! It’s not the place where romance happens.
  4. stuckinrunningmode said: So. Fucking. Rude. Him not you. You’re lovely.
  5. addictedtorehab said: Was a guy hitting on you t Walmart again and comparing you to Hannah Montana?
  6. whiskeytown79 said: option 4, then film his reaction :)
  7. bikinisummer said: Definitely the last one! Who the eff says that?!
  8. becky-balances said: You are such a BAMF.
  9. zeenes said: Boom!! You rock.
  10. fabfit said: Oh snap! Now if only I could ever think up stuff like this fast enough (and not 20 minutes later on my walk home) …
  11. ashamedtosay said: I like the last one. You could also add: “That’s ok, you are not my type either, I prefer men who live in reality, not La La land.”
  12. robownslife said: I like #4 but why waste the time? Block button!
  13. sabineslife said: oooo, oooo! I chose the last adventure option!