I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
—Vincent Van Gogh

I’m pleased with this 3 miler. Time was some where in the 38 minute range, so late 12 minute pace. I took pictures, listened to the Zombies, Run intro and just enjoyed the quiet. It was nice.

I’m also pleased because I’m running on 3 and some change hours of sleep. I’m just happy I got it done. 

A few bullet points:

  • I heard from St. Jude today! Second interview this week.
  • Also heard from a company in Boca Raton. Wha??
  • I hope Zombies, Run gets better than this because that was boring. 
  • I just discovered Spotify, thanks to Caitlin’s mention of it. Oh. My. OH MY! (Yeah, yeah…I’m always late to the party.)
  • I’m pretty sure my neighborhood becomes Forks, Wa at night. I’m pretty sure there are bats hiding in the trees. Or birds that look like bats that zoom at your face while you’re listening to Zombies, Run. 
  • I’m also pretty sure I looked like a fool at that moment. *shrug* Oh, well.
  • Thanks for the asks today! I have a couple more to get to…I’ll finish up tomorrow. 
  • Also? Thanks, Leah, for I’ve spent way too much time on Pottermore. My house? Gryffindor! 

With that, I bid you adieu. 

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  1. tallmormon said: Go to bed!
  2. gilliansquirtle said: i’m also a gryffindor!
  3. betternikki said: You are one brave soul for doing Zombies, Run! at night.
  4. ignitestrengths said: Congrats on the second interview!!! Also, I WANT TO RUN WITH YOU. These are my thoughts.
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