Easy Like Sunday Morning…


This has become a webcam blog. 

The webcam NEVER worked on my computer, so I’m just now discovering how much fun they are. I apologize. I’ll try to keep the pictures to a minimum. TRY. 

ANYWAYS, Happy Sunday! On my way to church shortly, after stopping for a cup of coffee at Starbucks (TREAT YO’ SELF!) Then I have two runs (2 miler, 3 miler) to complete since, due to family time and birthday shenanigans, I didn’t get them in yesterday. I need to work on consistency! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Tumblr! Kudos to those who have raced & completed Brenna's scavenger hunt! Good luck to those who are going to do so! :

11:36 am, by uhoh-janellio 39
  1. nadiazcota said: I think what you meant to say was that you are going to try and keep pictures to a MAXIMUM and not minimum. ;)
  2. s-y-f-l-o said: TREAT. YO. SELF.
  3. tallmormon said: You wouldn’t believe the dance I am envisioning you are doing right now. It’s to the song…. You can’t hurry love, no you just have to wait….
  4. bikinisummer said: Keep the pics coming!
  5. regainingmymoxy said: Nah. I like Janelle pictures. Usually they make me happy. Except when Janelle is feeling beat down
  6. sayhellotocindy said: As the young folks would say “MOAR PICTURES!” :)
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